Nail stamping…the HOT rage!

1 Mar
Nail Stamping!

Nail stamping has become one of the most popular nail art techniques to emerge recently.  From ribbons and flowers to animals and textures, you can easily stamp any type of detailed image on your nails. Many brands (such as Konad) sell kits to make it easy.

You begin by choosing a particular pre-made engraved metal template you like. Then, pour a few drops of nail polish (I use Orly or OPI) over the metal plate, and use the kit’s scraper to evenly distribute the product onto the metal engraving. Then, after you’ve evenly spread the lacquer across the engraving, press your rubber stamp over the plate to pick up the excess polish. Once the polish design is on the rubber stamp, gently rock the stamp from left to right onto your nail plate with a steady hand (don’t press the stamp on your nail but roll it on, from one side to the other).  Fix small errors with a nail art brush.  Let your designs completely dry before applying top coat.

I do nail stamping over my CND shellac polish (after the top coat) to change things up! My favorite is the animal print stamp.

Happy Stamping!

Laugh Loudly…♥Kisses



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