Dirty Secret! Dry Shampoo

6 Mar

Think of those mornings when you hit the snooze button a few too many times, and you wake up with barely enough time to pull on some clothes and rush out the door to the office. Well, don’t go to pieces. Hair care technology has an ingenious solution for you: dry shampoo, a water-free way to freshen and restyle your hair when you don’t have time for a leisurely scrub. Just sprinkle or spray the preparation on your hair, wait a few moments for it to absorb the oil and other gunk that sticks to it, and then brush or blot it out. When I first tried dry shampoo a few years back I was not impressed.

Many brands brands later I have come up with a list of three that will “keep your hair rockin’ one more day.”

Follicular fashionistas are reverting to the once-a-week hair-washing regimen of decades ago, when stylish dames went to salons. Between salon visits, dry shampoos are enough to keep you looking good, according to proponents . Bill grandmother Venice went to the beauty shop once a week for a wash and blow out. I thought since she didn’t work out or really leave the house for that matter that she could handle doing her hair once a week. Venice had the most beautiful updo in the world…she slept on a silk pillow case and wrapped her hair in a long piece of toliet paper (you only saw this if you went to wake her up).

During my longest stretch without shampooing (I’m afraid to admit this but it was 7 days), I did get it a bit damp in the shower to get some kinks out. My hair did have a feeling of “brush me more”, lke it felt weighted down and dull. It didn’t look dull but in my mind felt weird.

I realize this is radical advice in a culture obsessed with cleanliness. I assure you that I am the kind of person who never leaves a dirty dish in the sink and makes my bed every day. Some people even consider me something of a neat freak. Try dry shampoo out and let me know how it goes!

Shine On!


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