Blow in Ordinary…Blowout Fabulous!

26 Mar

Blow in Ordinary…Blowout Fabulous! 

Film poster forBlow Dry

Film poster forBlow Dry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Until about six months ago I had only heard of Dry Bars in fancy cities like LA or New York. That was until I walking from P.F. Changs (in The Pearl) to my car and there on the same block as P.F. Changs was the cutest hair place (Blowout) I had ever seen!

This last weekend I went to Blowout (a blow dry bar) in Portland, OR. and had my hair done. So, what is a blow dry bar? It’s a hair salon for fancy shampoos, fun blow dries, adorable styling, even makeup. No haircuts, just styling!  Ashliegh my stylist took me from blah to luscious in an hour and a half.  I walked out with my hair and face looking amazing. From the menu I picked the  THE BOMBSHELL,  added a mini-makeover and faux lashes.  Warning: Jaws WILL drop.

When I first sat down Ashliegh asked me about my occasion and what I was wearing.  I explained it was my birthday and yes, I had a picture of my wonderful dress.

I went in thinking I wanted an up do but Ashliegh was the boss.  She thought I needed it down with curls.  I told her “my hair doesn’t hold curls”, she went onto to say she could work wonders…and that she did!!!

The curls and the fake eye lashes stayed in place after a long night of drinking and dancing.  I woke up the next morning with curls and lashes still looking good.

The cool thing about Blowout, is they have gift certificates, twofer Tuesdays (two for one!), and mimosa Sundays (yum!).  Check out their photos on their website and facebook page

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Hope you have a chance to try Blowout…tell them I sent you!

Laugh Loudly…♥Kisses



One Response to “Blow in Ordinary…Blowout Fabulous!”

  1. Joanne Vanderhoef March 26, 2012 at 11:38 pm #

    My hair doesn’t hold curls either – I must try this place. Thanks for sharing!

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