Have You Made Headway With Your New Year’s Resolution?

19 Apr

 It’s almost the end of April…have you made headway with your New Year’s resolution?

Have you been this person?  Every January 1st: “This is the year I’m losing weight.”  Every February 1st: “Well crap.”

Are New Year’s resolutions a waste of time and effort or do they  inspire you to work harder to accomplish more in the new year?

Begin with the question; what is your goal?   You should set reasonable benchmarks.  It is very helpful to build in small successes on route, for example, say your goal is to finish a 10k race in a time that would make you feel proud.  Name the amount of time, keep a checklist of how to approach a practice regimen, and even visualize how would you like to feel when you finish it.  If you fall off the regimen, re-start and please don’t beat yourself up…we are all human.

If you ask why or how will this year be different?  It won’t be different on its own.  The choice is yours…excuses or solutions…YOU decide!

Set Realistic Goals:  Keep it simple, make sure  to set goals that are realistic and achievable. That’s why New Year’s resolutions never work. Instead we need to take steps ahead of time and plan to do the things required to be different.  Determine what it’s going to take to keep you motivated.

You also need to find a buddy!  Having an accountability partner is one of the primary reasons people follow through with a goal…EVERYBODY needs a buddy!!

I’m optimistic this year can still be different for you…the year is not over yet!  Now is the time to start!

Am I going to do my best this year? Yes.

Am I going to make more money this year? Yes.

Am I going to spend more time with my family this year? Yes.

Whether it’s learning to live your passion, discovering the secrets to a healthy lifestyle or developing your own sense of style…JUST DO IT!  Life is the special occasion!

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In 2012, I resolve to find joy in small pleasures, to be a better version of myself and treat everyday like a party!!!

Laugh Loudly…♥Kisses



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