Let’s Get Happy!

24 Apr

You can spend your days only once, do you want to squander them on unhappiness, or create great memories?  Sometimes it is a challenge to find that first little thing to be happy about.  Let’s try to find one tiny thing in our lives to be happy for!

There is so much focus on the negative in this world, being happy now is the secret to changing your world and reality.  Change will not come into your life until you change yourself.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

― Aristotle

What’s a simple activity that consistently makes you happier?  

Look for one thing and focus on the happiness it gives you!  Find it…and DO whatever allows you to continue that good, happy feeling!

  • Did you get to work on time?
  • Did you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea?
  • Try giving a hug to someone!
  • Did your child take a first step, or say a first word?
  • Say “thank you” to a friend or stranger.
  • Take time to e-mail a friend and include a hilarious picture (we all have these).
  • Did your pet actually go outside to use the bathroom today, instead of the living room floor?
  • Were you able to fix dinner without burning it?
  • Did you have enough money to pay a particular bill?
  • Did you have time to read a chapter in a good book?
  • Did you find time to do your favorite hobby?
  • Perhaps a hot bath…with a glass of wine & candles?
  • Are you finally in bed after a long day

Another thing that can help is to destroy your problems and kick them out of your life.

Here is how it goes…(I saw this on a blog years ago and it does work).

Take a sheet of paper and tear it into pieces. On each piece write out something that is bothering you or a problem and fold it over once or twice.

Take a pair of scissors and cut that problem up! Say goodbye to that problem, how much did you enjoy cutting that problem out of your life?

Toss them on the ground and jump on them a few times.  When you are done, make a big to-do about tossing that problem in the trash.  Heck, I’ve taken problems and hit them with a hammer or set them on fire (poof, gone!).

You have chopped it up and tossed it out of your life, so that problem has no more control over you!


My friend from high school put this on her Facebook page, thank you AMY!  I will make this my mantra and use it everyday…not just Mondays!

Happiness is like any other muscle in your body; use it or lose it…lets exercise the happy muscle!!!

Laugh Loudly…♥Kisses



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