Boots Leggings Tops (BLT)!

3 May

You don’t have to be frumpy to be comfy! 

Restyle your style!  No extreme makeover.  No extravagant shopping spree.  Just a few simple twists to reenergize your tried-and-true look!

The BLT is great because it is like a little formula for looking cute and being comfy, which is great for those days when you don’t really want to think about your outfit that much.  Just do a BLT, add some accessories (fun scarf & jewels), a quick flowy hairstyle and you are set…out the door!

Pretty much the ONLY RULE is that your “top” (whether it be a sweater, tee , vest or tank), needs to COVER YOUR BUTT!  To ensure this happens, look for shirt styles that say “tunic” which extend a little longer.

Leggings and boots (The boots can be short, tall, mid calf, thigh high or booties) are both staples of fashion in their own way.  Each of them can  be worn in many different styles and can portray a variety of looks.  When  choosing the best legging-and-boots combination for you, first look at your body  shape to pick the perfect fit.  For example, long slim legs look fabulous with  calf length leggings, and wider legs are better complimented by dark,  solid-colored leggings.  Play around with different combinations until you find  the styles that best suit you.

  1. Put on a pair of tall boots over long leggings to create a sleek, fashionista  look.  This style looks best when the leggings and boots are both  black.
  2. Pair up some colorful, pattern-printed leggings with some solid colored ankle  boots.  It will create a funky yet flirty vibe that shows a lot of  personality.
  3. Wear a pair of classically styled boots with various legging lengths and  prints.  Use dark, solid leggings with the boots for a simple but trendy look,  either tucked in to them or pulled up to calf or even knee-length.  Pattern-printed leggings can be worn with classic style boots but can come off  as overkill if the rest of the outfit is too elaborate, so keep it  simple.

There is really no limit to how you can wear this trend and it transforms itself to suit many different styles, so you can make millions of outfits with this formula!

Laugh Loudly…KISSES!



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