Need A Little Workout PEP Talk?

18 May

First let’s work on the clothes you wear during a workout…it makes a difference!

When going to the gym to get the killer shape, don’t sabotage your efforts by wearing baggy clothes. By not being 100% connected with your true figure you are more likely to lose your motivation and train less. So wear something tighter that embellishes your curves!!! Don’t wear clothes that are dingy or beat-up; wear cuts that flatter your body (ditch the XXL college t-shirts, boxy zip-ups, and awkwardly short yoga pants). Another thing: All-white sneakers can have an orthopedic look, so choose a pair with some color.

Try this for lean arms:

Right after your morning shower, do 25-50 push-ups against a wall and repeat once more (even twice if your motivated) during the day at the office.

Amazing move for a brazilian butt:

To get a toned rear end, contract your glutes for two minutes while you brush your teeth. Repeat three times during the day. In no time your glutes will be firm and toned.

If you want to be able to shoot from Pilates to lunch with the girls, go with workout wear from style-savvy brands like Zella and Under Armour.

I’m not a brand snob…Target and Old Navy have some great budget friendly work out clothes. The key is, does it fit and do you feel good in your clothes!!!

Just remember to keep your workouts fun and change them up to stay motivated!

Laugh Loudly…KISSES!



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