Are Your Legs Ready For The Big Reveal?

1 Jun

After months of hiding under pants and tights, we need to get our legs ready for the big reveal.  This post is my version of an emergency broadcast…let’s get our pale skin ready for skirts and shorts! Let’s get HOT legs!!

I’ll hold my hands up and admit to the fact that I like having a tan…in fact I’m an addict!  It’s almost like swearing these days, to say that you like to sunbathe.  I like sitting in the sun – it cheers me up, my skin looks healthy and glowing and I can feel that it’s giving me that vital Vitamin D that many of us are so deficient in these days.


I love Carlene K’s SHINE Body Bronzer for at-home use! I use it on myself in between tans.  Not only does this bronzer smell like coconuts and heaven, it gives my skin the most beautiful, immediate color (with a hint of shimmer).   No streaky mess or permanence of “fake tanner”, Carlene K’s SHINE Body Bronzer is extremely moisturizing, long-lasting, easy to apply and easy to remove.  SHINE Body Bronzer gives you a sexy, glowy, summer tan that is perfect for your everyday, and even better for a night out on the town.  Ditch those tacky tan lines and lose the risk of damaging your skin.

If you want to look and feel like a whole lotta gorgeous, I have two words…Shine On.


I still continue to use Jergens Natural Glow which I have been using for years, only now I use their new Natural Glow & Protect Daily Moisturizer, a sunless tanning lotion with SPF 20 all in one!  It works great and I love how quick the results are.  The trick is to buy the medium to tan skin tone option.  My secret is to avoid my elbows, knees, ankle areas and wash the heck out of my hands when I’m finished rubbing all the lotion in.


Colorescience SunforgettableSPF 30 (0.23 oz. with a retractable brush) is a hidden magic wand!  I was boating with a friend that works at the MAC counter and her makeup looked amazing after a jump in the lake.  While she always looks great, I was amazed how her face makeup looked perfect after a long day at the lake.  I asked her secret and she pulled a little blue wand out of her boating bag.  I have not personally used this but it is on top of my shopping list for summer activities.  My friend said while it is small, it will last 6-9 months.

  • Fragrance-free powder is a safe, natural and effective alternative to greasy lotions and sprays.
  • Highly water-resistant, non-staining and gentle on skin (Perfect for reapplication throughout the day).
  • Best for use on face and neck.
  • Three colors: Almost Clear, with a hint of translucent tan tint for medium to dark skin tones, Perfectly Clear for light to medium skin tones, or All Clear for light to fair skin tones.

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Having a light tan makes me feel confident and healthy!

Laugh Loudly…KISSES! 



2 Responses to “Are Your Legs Ready For The Big Reveal?”

  1. Joanne Vanderhoef June 1, 2012 at 7:23 am #

    Thanks for the Tips Jackie! I use the Jergens and love it but will for sure try the other two!


    • Jackie Steiner June 1, 2012 at 11:27 am #

      @ Jo What I love most about Jergens is it doesn’t scream “I’m using self tanner!” and it’s smell is not as bad as others I have tried.
      Thanks for the comment…Happy June 1st
      xx Jackie

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