What’s On Your Wish List?

13 Jul

Take a look at your old and new desires, goals, and daydreams.

What is holding you back?

Could it be fear, complacency, comfort, or disinterest?

Do any of these things fall on your “wish list”?
  • I wish I felt happy
  • I wish I had more time
  • I wish I felt like I had more control over my life
  • I wish I had more energy
  • I wish I could lose weight
  • I wish I had a different job
  • I wish I could eat healthier
  • I wish I had more money
  • I wish I could sleep better
  • I wish I were fit
  • I wish I weren’t so nervous
  • I wish I looked like I did ___ (fill in the years) years ago

If any of these are on your wish list, it could be that what you’re really saying is, “I want to feel good about my life and myself.”

While making your list think about how long have you had this wish and what’s holding you back.

Get started on a journey to cross things off on your “wish list”, don’t be overwhelmed with the need to do everything all at once.

Are we spinning in a state of self-doubt?  Are we letting self-esteem, health and fitness, work-life balance or aging defeat us?  We must honestly look at how we are letting ourselves be defeated!

Anything is possible!

Don’t hesitate~create a plan, step forward and HAVE FUN!


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