My Mom Was A Style Icon

27 Jul

My mom did not have a closet full of furs or a jewelry box full of rubies & pearls.

What my mom cared about was having fun!

She taught me one of the most important fashion lessons of all~to have a sense of play and an ability to have fun no matter what.  Sallie always made everyone smile & laugh and that meant more to her than a closet full of designer labels.

My mom passed away eight years ago in her mid 50’s from a scuba diving accident while on vacation.  Sallie never spent a lot of money on anything so there was nothing grand to inherit but her wedding ring.  What I did inherit from Sallie is her looks, some great genes (yep, I’m small), the ability to know no strangers, her sense of fun and her smile!  I miss my mom everyday but I know she passed away with a heart full of friends and family!

While I have no idea what I will look like as an older woman, I do know that no matter what I wear; it will reflect who I am and what I stand for…FUN!

So today I honor my mom as my style icon.


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