7 Sep

I love the “pageant” of first day school pictures on Facebook, it signals the beginning of fall.

Even if it’s too hot out to rock the autumn pieces you’ve been having your eye on, you can still inject a little pre-fall feel into your wardrobe by focusing on the color palette.

There’s nothing more appropriate for the crisp fall weather than a pretty blouse, belted vest,comfy leather boots with a contrasting handbag all in a neutral fall color palette.

No color is wrong if paired with the right thing!  It’s just a matter of picking a color that’s complementary with your skin tone and what’s appropriate for the time or place.  If you look at fashion right now — there is such a tremendous explosion of contrasting prints and colors — I love it!  The unexpected or what some say “ugly” color can really appear beautiful if paired with the right thing (or other color).

I’ve talked about the color wheel before but I get asked all the time about color combinations. 

Here is a link to one of my favorite color wheel websites: http://www.colorsontheweb.com/colorwheel.asp.  Spin the color wheel and get a selection of three random colors.  The color wheel  randomizes some 16 million colors.  Since each spin produces three different colors, that gives endless color combinations!  Enough to keep anyone busy for a while!

Honey Gold & Titanium

Platinum gray and mustard yellow have been breaking their way into fashion for a while, this year they’re seen mixed with earth tones.

Hot Pink  & Tangerine Tango

Fuchsia & orange are “hot” accents this year and are grounded nicely by the deep neutral pairings of chocolate & charcoal.

Olympian Blue & Ultramarine Green

Rich jewel tones are still present, they always seem to have a place in each year’s forecast.  This year we’re seeing lots of deep blues & greens.

Rhapsody & Bright Chartreuse

Eggplant has arrived in full force!  Lime green is still hanging on, something we’ve seen for a couple of years but it’s shifting in it’s pairing, now seen with new shades of eggplant & mustard.
Wear a fall look that is still cool and comfortable! Don’t be shy try a new combo and who cares if someone stops and stares!


  1. amatterofinstinct September 29, 2012 at 3:44 pm #

    I “liked” but actually “love”. Just bought the red jeans: http://amatterofinstinct.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/where-to-buy-foxy-red-jeans/ –and I like the way you show them here.
    I also love the “honey gold and titianium” and the denim and browns at the top.

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