Do You Ever Think Of Dressing As A Sport?

12 Oct

Let’s Transition Your Wardrobe Into Fall With True Winning Style!

The scarves, the boots, the tights, oh my!

I’m a little behind on this post but if you knew the weather we have been having here in Portland, OR… you would understand.  In the last 80 days we have had sun for 79 of them~REMARKABLE!  I usually put away all summer items and pull out the jeans by October 1st…I might get around to it this weekend as our temps might be dropping and I have heard a word called “rain” in our future.  UGH!

This time of year can be tricky and we’re caught up in a full-on web of clothing confusion.  We have that ‘still hot in the sun but really chilly in the shade’ weather where you’ll find yourself taking off and putting on layers throughout the day, not to mention the temperature in your office could be a little unpleasant.  I recommend using scarves, which are great for outdoor and indoor wear, cardigans over tanks and tees and a light jacket on top on cooler days.

Leggings or tights can be an in-between season budget life saver.  I wrote a great post earlier in the year about “amazing” leggings, it’s worth a read before you stock up on your fall/winter basics.  Pair summer dresses with a pair of leggings and ballet flats on cool – not cold – days.  I have had a feeling boyfriend cardigans are going to be around for a while, so I’ve grabbed a couple on sale and will add them to all those tanks from summer.  I think they look super cute with a shorter length skirt and some boots.
The chambray shirt is perfect for fall layering, under a gorgeous scarf or sweater it’s going to fit awesomely in with your craving for fall activities.
Just remember it’s all about layering.

 My list of the four “must-have” fall items:

  • The Light Jacket.  The light jacket is the linchpin of the Fall wardrobe.  As to the kind, that’s up to you: a trench, a blazer, a sweater-jacket, a classic denim, an army jacket…any of these should be a good weight for those days when morning and evening are getting cool. Throw your jacket over the structured summer dresses on the weekends or wear them with jeans and a tee.
  • The Boot.  The boot is something you cannot live without.   Ankle boots work well — and have the advantage of working with jeans even before it gets really cool.  A loose boot of any height or heel looks cool, casual and pulled-together with a bare leg — yes, wear socks underneath. Save the skin-tight boots for tights weather; anything else is seriously uncomfortable and looks anything but casual — unless, of course, you’re going for that.
  • Tights.  While you’re not going to want to wear them until the barometer’s in the low 60s, tops, opaque black tights are your friend. Worn with shorts, skirts, dresses, and, yes, even high-heeled sandals, they look cool, confident and autumnal.
  • Long-sleeved black tee.  Hey presto, that summer dress has become a jumper. As the temps drops, upgrade to turtleneck!

Think of fall as a “fun” fashion challenge and in the end, YOU WIN!

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4 Responses to “Do You Ever Think Of Dressing As A Sport?”

  1. Pati Hinkel October 12, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    Great article…..and, BTW-I have my black, long-sleeved T on today! xoxox

    • Lips, Hips and Fashion Tips! October 12, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

      Aww, thanks! I guess I wrote this just in time for a cold, dark day! Happy Friday…kisses
      P.S. You always rock the fashion world!

      • Jennifer Egerhei October 24, 2014 at 11:48 am #

        Any chance you could say brand of the 2 sweaters and shirts in the article? The brown sweater with orange pants and the one below it. LOve it!

      • Lips, Hips and Fashion Tips! October 24, 2014 at 12:13 pm #

        he only thing I know for sure is the orange pants are from GAP.
        Thanks for stopping by!

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