Pinterest Newsprint Nails…FAILED!

26 Oct

Just look around Pinterest. You can see newsprint nails on boards like Sweet Nail Designs, Pretty Polish and Nail It! The pictures look so cool. I thought I would give it a try because newsprint nails are all the trend right now and I understand why – THEY ROCK!

This is meant to be a very easy tutorial that’s suppose to be absolutely stunning…however it is not! Here is what the directions said to do:
  • The first step you need to follow is to gather all the things needed for it like a base coat, a nice nail color in grey or light pink tone. Apply the base coat and make sure it dries completely, then apply the nail color of your choice thoroughly on your nails and let it dry before going into the next step. Now take some rubbing alcohol in the bottle cover or some small jar and dip your each finger nail into it for at least five seconds.
  • Now take some small piece of newspaper and place it firmly on your alcoholic nails. Then after five seconds peel it off carefully from your nails, you will find that the newspaper ink is left on your nail in a beautiful pattern. Use a cotton bud to remove the marks from your nail sides and then apply a topcoat so that the newspaper ink does not get rubbed off, it also gives an extra shine to your nails.

We were doing this project as a video “How-To”, I wish someone would have been filming my reactions. I was still trying to act cool while inside I knew that this was not turning out as I had envisioned. Sometimes projects are not as easy as they seem! I’m laughing at this point…AMUSING! No matter what I tried (leaving the paper in the rubbing alcohol longer, dipping the finger in the rubbing alcohol, tried leaving the newspaper on the nail longer and finally pressing harder), the newspaper words were not showing up on the nail. Now mind you I’m not inexperienced when it comes to nails, all aspects of doing nails is my hobby!
I have this disease where I look at something and think, ‘Oh, that looks really easy, I can do that!” After scratching my head, I reread the Pinner’s posts and I know I followed the instructions to a T. I have no idea where I went wrong. I was pretty surprised and sort of torn between being disappointed that it didn’t turn out and delighted that it was going to make a good blog post. One Pinner said “I used Vodka for this, but you can also use rubbing alcohol.” Now I know why she needed vodka, I think she was drinking while she was writing her post. Don’t believe everything you see on Pinterest.
English: Red Pinterest logo
Pinterest has been a huge source of inspiration and my failures have been few, mostly because I’m careful to pick projects that are doable. I think we all browse through Pinterest and dream of the lovely pretty things we could be doing in our spare time. We see cookies, home decor, unique hairstyles, wonderful finger nail designs and say, “I’ll pin that, so I remember to try it later! Well, they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and suffice it to say a project is easier pinned than achieved.

What’s your favorite Pinterest fail? Please share if you have a newsprint nail success story!


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  1. Nailmattic October 26, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    Great article

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