Reality Is That Coloured Jeans Really Make A Statement!

9 Nov

Make your jeans the hero and the supporting acts are jackets and tops.

Add a comfortable pair of boots, a great scarf, some fun earrings and you have a put together outfit that can take you to any event day or night!

Since fall is in full swing I thought I would remind people how to layer tops with jackets and how to put it all together with a great pair of jeans and accessories.

One of the most common issues with fit that I see in wardrobes is that the length of shirts, jackets and  jeans.

Coloured jeans are continuing to be a huge trend, and you can easily find them in stores and will see them everywhere on teenagers.  So how do you interpret this trend without looking like a fashion victim when you’re a little more mature?  The reality is that coloured jeans really make a statement.

  • Choose a colour that suits your colouring too – so not too bright if you suit a more muted or smoky palette.
  • Only go with a cropped option if you have long legs or are prepared to wear them with heels.
  • Choose a shape that flatters your figure.
  • Team with a neutral or two for a more sophisticated outfit.
  • Repeat the colour close to your face to draw attention upwards.
  • Colour blend shoes to jeans if you want to elongate your legs.
  • Choose a darker colour if you don’t want your bottom, hips or thighs to be the focus, wear a lighter coloured top

The waistband of your jeans should sit about at the belly button.  Too high and it will force your stomach to pop out below, too low and you get muffin top.

Any sort of boots look great with skinny jeans.  A boot is a slightly chunkier shoe so can help to balance out your hips.  Wearing a short boot over the ankle of your jeans works, particularly if the shoe has a heel.   A short boot won’t elongate your legs in the way that a knee-high boot will do.  A moto boot will help to balance out your hips as it’s a bit wider and heavier than a ballet flat.

To elongate your legs:

  • Tone boots to your jean colour or go slightly darker
  • Create a column of colour with your top or jacket and jeans
  • Look for stripes or vertical details in your jeans to lengthen your legs

If you prefer knee-high boots but love comfort, try a riding boot style or one with a solid heel.

  • To draw attention upwards, keep your boots darker than your top.
  • Tone boots to your jeans for more leg elongation.

People always ask me where the best point is to end their tops and jackets.  As the hem of a top creates a horizontal line, the best place is on a narrow point, rather than a wide point.

Ending tops at the point just below (and I mean just below) the widest point of your tummy can also work – try it in the mirror by folding your tops to different spots til you find your sweet spot.   Tops that cup your tummy will make it appear larger.

Strategically placed ruching and draping on garments can really work well to disguise your tummy.  Curved hems, rather than straight ones, can elongate your legs, whilst hiding your stomach.

Jackets are a great way of bypassing your personal statistics.  Their little bit of extra structure will hide what is going on underneath. It’s the power of a great little jacket at work!

Wear a darker top (create a column of colour too!) and then a lighter jacket or cardigan over the top – the dark top will recede and your tummy won’t be as obvious.

And don’t forget the principles of volume – if you’re wearing a longer more voluminous top, then your bottoms need to be slimmer and fitted.

Draw attention up to your face with scarves and jewelry – remember – it’s all about the art of illusion and distraction!

Are you keen on these trends?  What is your favourite coloured jean outfit?


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