Holiday Dressing: What to Wear to the Season’s Best Parties

14 Dec

I can’t help but imagine a fun holiday season full of amazing parties…sequined party dresses & glittery lip gloss~OH MY!


We all have an endless stream of cocktail parties, neighborhood gatherings, and festive dinners from now through New Year’s, I hope you will feel as great as you’ll look.


No matter which winter celebration you’re taking part in, you can take all of this year’s trends and use them to look fierce for every holiday party!  So I’ve taken the liberty of throwing together a few tips and tricks to help spice up your holidays!

112097478196469432_kczp8M6f_c1. Don’t leave the house with an empty stomach.  Try to eat something early, start  the evening off of the right foot by eating something small earlier, and at the party you’ll be less likely to overeat right before bed.

2. Wear killer shoes.  Put flats in your bag, personally I’m not a fan of ever slipping off your heels halfway through the night.  But, I will give this tip: the minute you leave the party , in the privacy of your own car, swap the heels for flats.

3. Walk into a room and own it.  Have confidence!  The key to looking good is posture.  Stand up straight with shoulders back and relaxed!  This will make you look great no matter how nervous you feel on the inside.  People will gravitate to your positive energy!

4. Learn how to introduce yourself.  A genuine compliment never hurts as an ice breaker when your standing next to someone you don’t know.  This will allow you to say “Hi, I’m _____.”


Everyone knows the easiest go to piece for any sophisticated party is the little black dress but this season it’s still all about the gold so let’s think little gold dress instead!  A simple elegant gold sheath dress is a perfect piece to pair with some simple pumps and some stellar accessories.


If you’ve had just the slightest glimpse at this season’s holiday fashion trend, you’d know that everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–is sparkling with stupendous splashes of sequins.  Whether it’s skirts or trousers or sweaters or tee-shirts,  you’re going to sparkle, sparkle…sparkle!

Do your part to a make it a most shiny holiday season ever!

pink lips as sign off with signiture


One Response to “Holiday Dressing: What to Wear to the Season’s Best Parties”

  1. Kate December 14, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

    Jackie, I love your blog and its message! It’s so nice to see my link in your related articles section and to read from other bloggers how they are working in the sequins trend!

    I love your tip about swapping out flats. I agree about slipping shoes off. I think it’s tacky and juvenile, but it doesn’t hurt to change into comfy flats. Genius!

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