Put Down Your Phone & Enjoy The Holdiay!

21 Dec

Want The Best Holiday Gift Ever?

Ask people to please put down their gadgets and enjoy time with family and friends.


 Be present; truly BE there for the people in your lives; to meet their most human needs for love, understanding and appreciation.


Let’s focus on friendship and love?  Let’s work on togetherness and surrounding yourself with the people you care for.

Maybe this year everyone will get one gift, the same gift — your stress-free presence and unconditional love.  Because seeing you, spending time with you is the ONE thing that people in your life truly care about.


We were out in a fancy nightclub in Portland last weekend and this is the picture I took of the table of good looking guys next to us.  Look at the three of them texting like crazy.

I interrupted them and asked if they would take a photo with me.  Look at the difference!

texting 2

During family time please be present and involved.  Put down all the gadgets and play a game, watch a holiday movie or just sit and talk to your family and friends.  The holiday season is a time to laugh and make some great memories.


Make a conscious decision to be more present for the people in your life this holiday season.  Simply take the time to be with them, to hug them, kiss them and let them know you appreciate them.

Have a wonderful holiday!

pink lips as sign off with signiture


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