How to Wear Skinny Jeans With Any Body Shape!

8 Feb

Skinny Jeans have been the trend  for a few years now and they don’t look like they’re going anywhere fast.  

So how to wear them to flatter your body shape?

fashion 6

Dark color skinny jeans are more dressy, while light color and distressing make jeans more casual.


One of the benefits of skinny jeans is that they make your legs look longer – if you want to further elongate your legs, use a column of colour, wear a wedge/high heel, or wear your shoes one shade darker than your jeans.

fashion 9Worried about them highlighting your waste or hips?  Here I use a belted black top to show you how to elongate  with a belt and then add a long-line cardi to skim past your butt.  Throw on a great statement necklace or scarf and your ready to rock your skinny jeans!

fashion 8The trick with wearing any garment is to think about balancing your body – if you are wide somewhere, then balance the narrower part with something that makes you look a little wider there.

fashion 3It’s like balancing two triangles on each other at the pointy end.  Wider shoulders, then add some width at the hips or knees.  Wider hips, add width at the shoulders and/or the ankles.

fashion 10


Any sort of boots look great with skinny jeans.  A boot is a slightly chunkier shoe so can help to balance out your hips.  Wearing a short boot over the ankle of your jeans works, particularly if the shoe has a heel.   A short boot won’t elongate your legs in the way that a knee-high boot will do.

fashion leggings

Knee high boots are made for skinny jeans, the boot will balance the hips.  If you prefer knee-high boots but love comfort, try a riding boot style or one with a solid heel.  To draw attention upwards, keep your boots darker than your top.

moto boot

If you have wider calves and find it hard to find knee-high boots, why not try mid-calf boots or moto boot.  These will help to balance out your hips as it’s a bit wider and heavier than a ballet flat.

fashoin 2

What do you find works best with your skinny jeans?

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One Response to “How to Wear Skinny Jeans With Any Body Shape!”

  1. kellie@foodtoglow August 24, 2013 at 12:42 am #

    Great graphics. I am MUCH older than you but I think even us oldies can wear skinny jeans as long as, like you say, everything’s in balance. I look awful in bootcut (which some would said the over-40s should stick to). Boy hips 😦

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