Tips for Putting Together a Wardrobe as You’re Losing Weight

8 Mar
Each year you resolve to lose weight, become healthier, have a more balanced/stress-free life and look more stylish.
As the months roll by, your accomplishments will show.
When you’re in the process of losing weight, you don’t want to be spending lots of money on clothes that you won’t have for long as you pass through that weight, but you will need clothes to wear, preferably ones that you feel are flattering as you reach your new healthier weight.
  1. Get a great belt, you may find that belting over the top of your tops to define your newly emerging waist will get you a few extra months from some of your shirts and tops that are now too big for you.  Plus belts can keep up your pants and skirts as they get loser around the waist.
  2. Focus on accessories, wearing a scarf, a fab necklace or earrings to draw attention up to your face and to dress up your basic clothes and create lots of different looks.
  3. Check the sales racks first, look for stretch fabrics which will accommodate you more as you become slimmer.  Buy only basics that are easy to mix and match so that nobody notices you’re wearing the same clothes over and over.
  4. Get some alterations on your existing wardrobe.  Taking in a waistband can make a garment wearable for another few months and is a much cheaper alternative than buying new all the time.
  5. Create a capsule wardrobe, any new items that you buy to get you through need to work together, so pick 2 colors and 2 neutrals that all work together and stick to them to ensure that all your clothes mix and match for maximum versatility.
  6. Look for skirts over pants as you buy for your temporary wardrobe, they are easier to fit and are more easily altered and have the ability to fit you at a couple of sizes without looking odd.
  7. Try charity shops, consignment stores and eBay for well priced clothing items to get you through your transition.
  8. Resell your larger clothes on eBay.  If they’re not in your cupboard then you won’t be tempted to ever put back on the weight!


As all fashion mavens know, wearing clothing that fits properly is more important than anything else.  Properly fitted clothing hangs right, provides smoother lines, hides imperfections and highlights assets.

By purchasing classically styled, neutral pieces, the flexibility of being able to mix and match as well as accessorize comes into play.  A sober black and grey outfit can pop with a pair of red patent leather pumps and a silky red scarf.

Clues that clothes don’t fit properly

  • Muffin top
  • Strained buttons, zippers or closures
  • Zippers that “ripple”, indicating that they are stretched too tightly.
  • A-lines, nips and darts don’t accentuate the waistline (this is a common mistake, making slender women appear larger than they actually are)


Splurging on Accessories

Instead of spending money on clothing that will be worn for a few months and then cast aside as weight continues to slough off, it is a good idea to splurge instead on accessories.  Belts, in particular, are useful to the woman in transition.  Scarves,handbags and fun shoes are also great ways to perk up a wardrobe that will stand the test of time.

Don’t forget, make your mid-section kind of boring and plain, low in detail such as pockets, belts, seams and not layering different colored tops etc.  Draw attention up to your face with scarves and jewellery – remember – it’s all about the art of illusion and distraction!

52c95f2e1323ba3af91d7ae09e0f0082Investing in Items That Will Easily Re-size

The first thing most women should do when losing weight is locate and establish a relationship with a quality tailor!  Many clothing items can be tailored to drop down a size.  A pair of slacks that cost $60 can be tailored for $8, and kept in the closet for another size-range!

Being a little girly can help too.  Wrap-around skirts are a fun, casual way to stay in the black while dropping sizes.  Even in those in-between sizes, they always fit perfectly!  In general, skirts are cheaper and easier to tailor, and can be worn longer between sizes because they don’t tend to look baggy as quickly as pants do.

Shopping Off-Price, Thrift and Consignment

Even those who prefer to invest a great deal in their fashion will recognize that the wardrobe between sizes are not going to be “forever clothes”.  If a woman began as a size 18 and wants to end up a size 12, then those 16s and 14s are going to be temporary necessities.

In addition to saving money, consigning clothes for credit also provides the added benefit of encouraging women to clean out their closets on a regular basis. Trying on every item of clothing in the closet can be time-consuming, but rewarding.  Sometimes the “skinny jeans” from years ago become a new favorite (and for free!) and sometimes, old stand-by favorites suddenly seem to be far too large.   Often, consigned pieces are of higher quality than the clothing available at discount stores.

For those in-between sizes, the working woman should plan on purchasing

  • one suit in a neutral shade (which doubles as separates during the work week)
  • one pair of jeans
  • one pair of casual slacks such as khakis or navy capri pants
  • white button down
  • enough tops and neutral bottoms to fill out exactly 7 days (emphasis on skirts, if possible)

0ed77404f5f27e91166984647ac5abbaHow To Flatter Your Body

Wear a darker top (create a column of colour too!) and then a lighter jacket or cardigan over the top – the dark top will recede and your tummy won’t be as obvious.   Ending tops at the point just below (and I mean just below) the widest point of your tummy can also work – try it in the mirror by folding your tops to different spots til you find your sweet spot.   Tops that cup your tummy will make it appear larger.  Look for fabrics without too much elastane or lycra – we don’t want cling, we want to skim.  Strategically placed ruching and draping on garments can really work well to disguise your tummy.  Curved hems, rather than straight ones, can elongate your legs, whilst hiding your stomach.


Jackets are a  transition piece while your body is changing.  Their little bit of extra structure will hide what is going on underneath. It’s the power of the 3rd piece at work!

pink lips WITH SIGNITURE words above it

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3 Responses to “Tips for Putting Together a Wardrobe as You’re Losing Weight”

  1. originaltitle March 8, 2013 at 7:26 am #

    Great advice! I lost thirty pounds this summer and the belt saved me. it still looked funny sometimes with my dresses all scrunched up in the back but it was way more cost-effective than re-buying a new wardrobe at each ten pounds lost.

    I will say, the hardest thing for me has been work clothes. They are so expensive. I took time off to write a novel and didn’t need any suits or work clothes during the time when I lost the weight, now I’m interviewing again and can’t find a single jacket, skirt or pants that fit in my closet. Since I’ve lost all the weight I can lose, I guess it’s time to bite the bullet and buy some new work clothes!

    Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  2. Cowboys and Crossbones March 8, 2013 at 12:29 pm #

    Great tips and post!

  3. southernhipsnstips March 28, 2013 at 12:58 pm #

    Reblogged this on Curvaceous Girl Blog! and commented:
    nice to know

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