Score Like a Consignment Store Pro

22 Mar

Insider Thrifting Tips


I am a big fan of consignment store shopping.  I can find beautiful functional items for my wardrobe without breaking the bank.  A Consignment Store operates very  differently than a regular thrift store.  It acts as a middleman between the  owner of an item and a buyer.  People bring in items to the store and if the item sells, the consignment store splits the proceeds with its owner.


Consignment stores sell higher quality merchandise than what you’ll find in  thrift stores.  If you live in a medium to large-sized city, you probably have access to  several different types of consignment shops.   If you have a clear idea of  what you need, it will save you time and stress, and will increase your chances for success.


Inquire in store.  Did anything new come in today?
There’s nothing better than a “welcome” to the back room where the merchandise that no one else has seen yet is kept. Ask especially nice.  If you become a “regular” shopper at a certain consignment store, they will pull things as they come in that you might like.


Inspect in the dressing room.  Look for quality.
What’s the metal zipper say?
Check the pull tab stamp.  Did you know that ‘Eclair,’ is a favorite of high-end designers such as Chanel?  Buttons are another sure sign of quality.   Carefully inspect the clothes, you typically cannot  return or exchange items at most consignment stores, even if something is defective or broken.  Prepare to test clothes in the store, especially when you plan to buy a high-end item.


Clean at home.  Odor?  Not an issue.
Hand wash fabrics like cashmere with Mrs. Meyers All-Purpose Cleaner in Lemon Verbena to eliminate virtually any smell. Roll in a towel to get rid of excess water and lay flat in the sun.  Most consignment store will give you a little price break for a spot, missing button or a small tear-just ask.  I have found that most items that have a slight odor can be fixed with a washing or dry cleaning.


Consider Alterations and Repairs.  You can sew small  tears, have garments taken in, and replace the soles of shoes.  If you find an  item that you really like, but it needs alterations or has some damage, consider whether you can repair or re-size the item to fit you.  You save so much money  buying second-hand clothing that you can still pay for small repairs.


Adopt a thrifty attitude toward spending by looking for what you need in resale shops before shopping for new items.  You can save a lot of money when you shop at consignment stores.

I really enjoy the challenge of consignment store shopping and hope that these tips help you enjoy it too!

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