Brighten UP! Add a Bright Color to Your Wardrobe for a Quick PICK-ME-UP!

26 Apr

A huge spring fashion trend is to add pops of color everywhere…

9a233832f00ef35c9fc459b743add354I remember when growing up learning rules, such as “never wear blue and green together” and “don’t mix prints”, but I have found that these rules are made to be broken.


The thing I hear most is that women are scared of trying the latest fashion trends as they’re not sure how to work them. Use bold colors and mix patterns so that you can feel empowered!


If you’re unsure of how to put colors together, why not use an existing patterned item in your wardrobe to create an interesting color combination. From scarves to skirts, take the color in a patterned garment and repeat them in other garments or your accessories.


Why not use a pattern or color to create drama? Even a softer mid-tone color will look brighter when put with a dark tone from your color palette.


Why not try a different combination, particularly if you are normally a neutral plus a color kind of dresser!


Playing with color is so much fun.06563b2e29c4f2b3afabb20c27fe4de1

The other way to add that drama is to create contrast with the light and dark colors of your palette. You can do this with your light and dark colors, or lighter colors and dark neutrals (or vice versa).

efa86314593d38a9346541fd49dc9520So many women only ever wear color with a neutral, and never more than one bright color at the same time. Why not try mixing like colors together, it’s just so easy to make gorgeous combinations.


Take this opportunity to try some new color combinations!

pink lips WITH SIGNITURE words above it


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