Talk About Kiss and Tell

24 May

It’s in Your Kiss


   Discover what the shape of  your

    lips says about your personality

Ever wonder what your lips would say if they could talk? (Well, OK. You know what I mean.) I’m talking about your lip shape. Whether your lips are plump, wide or thin, they speak volumes about your personality and the way you portray yourself.

Creative and Romantic:


A wavy upper lip is a sign of creativity and imagination.
The V-shape  “gourmet lip split” means you’re romantic, a foodie with champagne tastes, and a  potentially great cook.

Stubborn and Affectionate:


This slight protrusion (known as a “hug pucker”) means you’re not openly  demonstrative, though you’re affectionate in private.

Very little space between the lips indicates stubbornness: You know what you  want to do and how you want to do it.

Generous and Good with Kids:


A diamond-shaped print shows that you are accomplished and give generously to  your community.

If you have a full lower lip, it means you’re an excellent communicator and  children adore you.

Open-Minded Negotiator:


Having a small “Cupid’s bow” on the upper lip means you excel at mediating  and negotiating.

A lot of space between the lips says you’re open-minded, with no preconceived  ideas about people and situations.

Genial and Talented:


The overall rounded shape says you dislike conflict, look out for others and  are happiest when those around you are happy, too.

Corners that point up, with an open space between the edges, indicate a  multitalented person who hates boredom.

I like to think of lip prints as a finger print everyone has an individual lip-print-trait. 


A person with a dark saturation lip print is a cheerleader, a ‘rah, rah’ person!  Their lip prints reflect that they have lots and lots of energy and others are aware of it.  Once they decide what they want to do there should be no reason why they can’t succeed.  They have excellent leadership qualities and are good at getting others to buy into their ideas.  They usually own their own business, or at least have others working for them.

804fd692acd176ee764b2f3663ff6f7bPeople with this light saturation lips prints (I call it “ghost lips”) are extremely tired.  They need a prescription for a relaxing, rejuvenating, quiet, totally restful spa holiday!  Their lip prints are saying they need some time to themselves where they don’t have to be concerned with anyone else’s wants, needs or desires.

faint lips
PUCKER up and let’s have some fun!

pink lips WITH SIGNITURE words above it


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  1. meetmeattheboutique May 27, 2013 at 6:41 pm #

    Love the colour in the first photo!

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