Spend Less Time With Your Blow Dryer

31 May

Chill out: As temps rise, the last thing you want to endure are those hotter-than-asphalt-July hair tools.

So minimize minutes sweltering in the bathroom with these easy updos.


The simplest way to make a classic ballerina bun?  The old “twist and pin.” Yes, ladies, it’s really that straight forward: just pull your hair back, twist it until it coils, than slide in enough pins to set off the port-security alarms.  Low in the nape looks sophisticated; high on the head is more trendy.  And right in the middle is the best for poppin’ a wheelie with those cheekbones.  The midway positioning lifts the eye upward, giving your bone structure a subtle lift.


The top knot and messy high bun are popular hair trends that are not going away anytime soon, so if you haven’t tried them already…what are you waiting for?!


The top knot and messy high bun are also super chic and a great option for when you’re wearing an outfit with shoulder or neck detail. One of my biggest style pet peeves is when ladies wear gorgeous tops with exquisite detail and cover it up by wearing their hair down. (What’s the point?!) Sorry. Back to the subject at hand.  Below are some tips for creating the perfect top knot & the not so perfect bun.


How To: Top Knot

1. Brush out your hair to remove knots. (Ironic, isn’t it?)
2. Flip your head over and put your hair in a high ponytail at the top of your head and secure with a hair tie. (Use a hair tie color closest to your hair color)
3. Twist, braid, or simply wrap your ponytail hair around the hair tie to create a smooth “knot” and secure with a second hair tie.
4. Use bobby pins to secure any loose pieces.
5. Spray a soft bristle brush with a little bit of hairspray and use to smooth out any frizzies. Viola! You now have a smooth, sleek top knot!


How To: Messy High Bun

1. Flip your head over and put your hair in a messy high ponytail at the top of your head and secure with a hair tie. (Use a hair tie color closest to your hair color.) Note: No need to brush out hair before hand with this look. The messier the better.
2. Pull the ponytail in an upward than downward position, just a tad, to loosen.
3. Loosely wrap ponytail hair around hair tie and secure pieces with bobby pins.
4. Loosen random pieces in front, at sides, back and on top to create the messy look if not created already. Viola! You now have a chic, messy high bun!


How To: Low Side Bun:

  1. Starting with dry strands I add waves with a large-barrel iron.
  2. Pull the hair into a low chignon with a clear band.
  3. Finish it off I bobby pin the pieces randomly for an undone finish.


Either way, now that it’s cool again, I tend to rock this sloppy bun when my hair is dirty and I’m not in the mood to wash it. This style is so easy, a monkey could do it. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

For instance:

* Be careful not to rock your bun too high, ’cause it’ll brush against the roof of your car while driving and you’ll just ruin the damn thing. If you’re a mass transit kind of chick, no worries there.
* Also, if you rock a tight pony, like me, you’re going to want to take this style down as soon as you get home. It can cause loads of stress on your tresses, causing breakage –– especially if you become addicted to this style as I have.

Two fabulous tools of the trade for great looking buns:

High-impact, cuff-inspired holder snap on for a snug fit.  Metal and enamel, L/ Erickson Atelier, $22 each; franceluxe.com


The Bumpit’s soft cousin: This mesh doughnut from Claire’s adds girth and structure to your bun.


Why I love it…
1. Your hair will look totally chic, even if you haven’t washed your hair in a week. Frizzy hairline? Greasy roots? Brush it back, shellac with hairspray, and no one needs to know your dirty little secret.

2. It can be done-and, perhaps more important, undone in seconds. Letting your hair down after a long day at work is a bit like doing a hair striptease. Bonus: After being swirled up on your head for hours, your strands will wave-like a mermaid’s.

3. It’s liberating. Whether you’re heading to the office or the opera, there’s something to be said for getting your hair off your face for a while. And if you’re wearing major jewelry or a noteworthy neckline, the ballet bun will put them on center stage.


Go ahead…upgrade your pony!

pink lips WITH SIGNITURE words above it


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