Hit The Beach or BarBQ in Style

5 Jul

Do you have plans to go to the beach or to a pool party this summer

and needs to make a fashionable entrance?

After you’ve picked your perfect bathing suit, you still need to make sure that you have an amazing cover. You are not going to walk into the party in just your bathing suit so you need something fantastic when you make your grand entrance.


No tears, no tantrums, no emotional scarring needed.  Rest assured no matter your size your perfect match is out there!  It’s a matter of knowing WHAT to look for in choosing the style that highlights YOUR best assets.

swim suits cover-ups

For many women, the idea of a day at the beach or pool can have almost debilitating consequences. There is no other outfit quite like the swimsuit to make hearts skip a beat. With tight-fitting materials and revealing cuts, swimsuits tend to bring any feature to surface, whether it is one a wearer is particularly proud of or not. One solution to this dilemma is the swimwear cover-up. This is something to wear over a swimsuit, for more reasons than just to hide the body.

Purpose of Swimwear Cover-ups

Swimwear cover-ups serve many purposes. To many women it is simply a way to cover up the body when one is not in the water. The wearer may want her body covered because she is uncomfortable with how revealing her swimwear is, or simply to provide some protection from the sun and weather. Many wearers also use these cover-ups as normal clothing. Some can double as sundresses, shirts, skirts, shorts, or pants to wear in the summer heat. Swimwear cover-ups also allow a wearer to go from beach to store or restaurant and back again easily, without needing to change clothes constantly. Additionally, cover-ups can act as a towel to absorb excess moisture from the swimwear or serve as a barrier between the wearer and seats or sand.


Types of Swimwear Cover-up

Swimwear cover-ups are available in many different styles. Some cover only a portion of the body, while others are designed so that the swimsuit can’t be seen at all.


Tunics are the most popular swimwear cover-ups, simply because of their versatility and their varied designs. Sarongs tend to be the most useful items for someone who wants to pack light. Dresses and short, pants, and skirts are all very nice to have because they are appropriate for both the beach or poolside and can be worn as regular clothing.



Swimsuit cover-ups are available in a wide variety of materials.  Different materials have properties, such as being quick-drying, absorbent, breathable, or simply stylish, that make them good choices for swimwear cover-ups. It will overwhelm the wearer’s body and won’t be flattering.  The material a cover-up is made of also has a part in determining what situations the cover-up is appropriate for. Terry dresses usually act more as towels, while those made of linen or cotton may be nice enough to wear to a restaurant or a dressier event.


Buying Swimwear Cover-ups

Cover-ups can be found at many department and clothing stores. They can also be found at some sporting goods stores, along with swimwear.


Whether it is used to hide the body beneath it or dress a woman up for another event, swimwear cover-ups can be very useful. There are several different types of cover-ups, from tunics and dresses to shorts and pants. The sarong can be tied into several different configurations.


Because swimwear cover-ups are available in such a wide range of prices, a women need not limit herself to buying just one. Many choose several, so there is always a swimwear cover-up that appropriate to wear for any occasion.


A cover-up that will be worn away from the poolside or beach can be dressed up with just a few accessories. A simple belt can make a long tunic into a dress, and some strappy sandals can take a sundress from cover-up to casual elegance. Put on a fun pair of earrings, some lipstick, a smile and a bucket full confidence and rock your grand entrance in style!

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