Retro Mint for Fall Fashion

13 Sep

Retro mint

The color of coolness, freshness and the sea breeze, the color of vigor and courage… It’s all about the color of mint!


A softer shade of green and turquoise, mint green is a great hit for the up and coming season and we can’t get enough of this fresh shade! Minty fashion is everywhere, from clothing to accessories, from makeup to nail polish, and even walls in our homes are painted in this flirty color.


Have you seen Revlons color closet trend report? It’s all about retro mint! Go retro chic with a collection of fashion items inspired by this super sweet shade that’s so on-trend.

The color can come in a variety of shades, and you’ll find products that suit your skin tone whether you fancy a gorgeous green nail look, an envy-provoking emerald eye, or a perfect fall accessory like a scarf.


Eyeshadow can be a great way to play with the trend. You can create some cool peacock-like green/blue effects by working these shades around the eye. For palette fans, there is the LORAC Mint Edition Palette which boosts retro silver and mint packaging. It features eight powder eyeshadows, including seven neutrals and a refreshing burst of mint. Or make like the wicked witch and grab the Urban Decay Theodora palette, which contains an assortment of shades that can be intensified easily.  If you want a subtle touch of the color, try lining your eyes in mint.


The easiest way to incorporate retro mint green into your beauty routine is with a great nail polish.

It’s easy being green with the spectrum of new Kermit-friendly nail lacquers. Better still? They complement most skin tones-and your floral wardrobe. For a deeper color, try a white base coat.


Universally flattering for almost all skin tones and so fabulous in combination with white, black, peach, beige, navy and almost all the shades of rainbow… what’s not to love?

Despite being such a chic and pretty color, mint green can look disastrous if not worn in the right way. You should pay attention to your own skin tone, to the colors of the clothes you wear mint with and even to the shades of mint you pick. If you have got obsessed with this bright and flirty color, make sure to read through my fashion tips on how to wear mint green, before you run out and buy a mint piece for you.


How to Choose Mint Green Pieces

The most important thing in looking chic in mint is to choose the right shade of this invigorating color for you. Be honest to yourself and ask if mint green is the right shade for you and not for your friend or for just a stylish woman you have seen on the street. Actually, not every color in the world is right for everyone. Pay attention to your skin, eye and hair coloring while choosing mint green. For example, if you have dark hair, choose a light hint of mint. Blondes are advised to experiment with darker mint hues. Women with soft coloring are the luckiest ones, as they can look amazing in almost all shades of mint green. Put the color on and look at yourself from various angles and if it doesn’t look good on you, leave it at the store or go for some small portion of this shade and try to wear it as far from your face as possible.


How to Wear Mint Green

Now that you have picked the most flattering mint shade for you, let’s put some looks together. Again, it’s really hard to nail down this color without looking like a tube of toothpaste. That is the reason why most people choose to wear mint in small doses, rather than from head to toe. Always keep in mind that a color that is richer should be less in your look to be more flattering. Some great styling tips for you to consider while wearing mint:

• Mint green gives tenderness to cotton, coolness to cashmere, blends well with chiffon, silk and lace. Mints is amazing in itself, or it can be matched with other pastel shades (powdery pink, beige, pale), dark turquoise or white.

• A color that looks amazing with mint and flatters all skin tones is navy. Although with other colors navy can look too nautical, with mint green it creates a nice military sea scavenger look.

• The combination of white and mint leads to the “Mint to be” look. You can never go wrong pairing your mint pants, shorts or skirt with a white blouse.

• Double mint and double the pleasure. Mint on mint can look really lovely, so try matching two mint shades with each other.

• Try the all-mint look. If you choose the right clothing pieces, this will certainly look fabulous too.

• Pastel mint colored jeans are very trendy and can look amazing in combination with a neutral solid top or a printed blouse, which is not too matchy-catchy with your mint green. Finish off your look with one mint trendy accessory, like a minty watch, or go for metallic accessories. You can try the same look with mint green shorts or a mint skirt.

• Last but not least, if you are looking for a cocktail or casual dress in a color other than black, mint green can be the best option to go.

Again keep your personal coloring in mind and pick the shade that flatters you the most. To warm up your dress, finish off your look with gold metallic accessories.


Where to Wear Mint Green

Mint is a great color for almost any occasion.  You’ll certainly stand out in the crowd when wearing mint for special occasions. To work, make sure not to overdo with this color. A mint accessory or a shirt in delicate light mint shade will be perfect. However, be sure to keep the good in small portions, otherwise you risk turning from a princess into a frog.


Mint is really energizing, fabulous and different from others. As you can see, you can easily pull off nice looks with mint and appear fashion-forward.

pink lips WITH SIGNITURE words above it


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  1. MegansBeadedDesigns September 13, 2013 at 8:38 am #

    I am in love with this color! Great outfits!

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