How to Wear Your Maxi Dress in Fall

1 Nov

 Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress in the Fall


Yes you CAN wear this summer style staple right now!

Maxi dresses, as we all know, are not only one of the most comfortable, flattering, and forgiving items of clothing to wear, but they’re also surprisingly versatile too…in other words, why pack away your cute summer maxis just because summer’s done?


From dressed up fancy to a little bit funky, work appropriate to playful weekend ensembles, here are different ways I’ve transitioned my favorite maxi dresses and skirts for fall. Though the fabric of a summer maxi dress may be light, you can layer both over and under to make it magically versatile all pumpkin-latte season long.


The first trick is to think of your maxi dress as a long skirt and look for layers you would normally pair with a skirt, or wear over a skirt and top. The second is to rely on boots, tights, or leggings to keep you cozy as the temperature drops.


1. With a cardi

As the temperatures really start to drop, a sweater is the perfect way to make this feminine silhouette feel cozy. I know this sounds obvious, but the easiest way to convert a summer maxi into a fall outfit would be to add a cute cardigan. Choose from cropped, drapey, fitted, or long, depending on which looks best with the particular maxi dress. This is the easiest way to go from chilly to cozy in a maxi dress! And of course, belting it at your waist is the secret to showing off your shape.

2. With a thermal underneath

I have a super-cute tank-style maxi dress from summer that I love wearing in the fall with a floral-print thermal underneath. Get creative! You don’t have to opt for a thermal that matches the maxi, just one that compliments it!

3. With a blazer

I have an empire-waist maxi with a tiny floral print that looks smashing with my cropped, fitted velvet blazer… I know it sounds odd, but it looks darling! Try your blazers or denim jackets with your maxis… you might be surprised at how cute they look together!

4. With a pair of leggings

Skinny girls like me can tell you that layering is key to dressing in winter, whether you’re wondering how to wear a maxi or not. Add a pair of leggings underneath your maxi dress, and suddenly your favorite summer dress can now be worn all fall long… and maybe into winter, too!

5. With boots

I love the way some of my summer maxi dresses look with boots — ankle boots, riding boots, even hiking boots. Try them together in different combinations until you find the maxi-boot look that works best for you!

6. With patterned tights

I also adore the way maxi dresses look with patterned tights. I know you can only see a tiny bit of tights at the ankle when you’re wearing a maxi, but if the maxi is solid, and the tights are a loud print, this could be such a fun way to wear a maxi dress!

7. With a cropped pull-over sweater

I have a very fitted maxi dress that I love wearing with a cropped pull-over sweater. It’s very chic, and somewhat unexpected — and a lot warmer than wearing a skirt and sweater, for the extra layer of the maxi dress on top. The key here is to choose a slim cut sweater, so that the shape doesn’t swallow you or add too much bulk.


Want to have even more fun (and coziness) wearing a maxi dress this fall? Combine these tips and wear a few of these layers together! Try a blazer and boots, or a cropped cardi and patterned tights. The possibilities are endless, stylish and warm!

Which of these tips do you use when wearing your maxi dresses into fall? Please share!

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