6 Ways to Refresh Toes for Fall

8 Nov

November is here…the bad news? Spending weekends swimming and beaching are over.


The good news? Your rigorous pedi schedule can finally be taken down a notch. While you’re figuring out how to spend all the free time you’ll have skipping spa treatments (or if you’re a DIY gal, painting your toes at home), pick one of these fall-fabulous pedicure hues for your next session.

Fall is in full swing and if your toenails are looking a little bare, bland and boring, this article is for you! Fall is the perfect time to add some color to your toes when the frigid air can take the color away from your skin.

1. Classic Even though red nails rose to popularity eons ago, a classic red pedicure is always a gorgeous way to look glamorously ’60s screen siren. When it comes to red, the truer the better. A cherry-tinged hue is fun for fall, with an added top coat for a little extra gloss. One ravishing red to try? CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Ever Reddy. Its slight tomato edge gives it retro appeal.
2. Vampy After a season of lights and brights, it’s downright refreshing to return to a moody hue for your pedicure. CoverGirl boasts a bevy of deep options for a dusky green, blue, maroon or purple look. I like CoverGirl Outlast Nail Gloss. Apply petroleum jelly with a cotton swab around the nail bed for ease of removing anything you “color outside of the lines” post-pedi.  Rich purples like eggplant are perfect for fall.  They’re warm, and lush but work great as neutrals too! Pair your nails with gold rings and rich jewel tones!
3. Neutral Whether pink or nude is your bag, a neutral pedicure in an opaque shade is a ladylike way to embrace the fall season. Bonus: A light, neutral pink or nude nail polish hue will take far longer than its deeper counterparts to show chips. Want it to be more opaque? Simply apply over a white nail polish, like CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Snow Storm.  Try adding a little shimmer to your favorite neutral look.  Keep the hues consistent (i.e. nude pink) and then add a little sparkle top coat to your fourth finger.  It’s classic, elegant, but with a little twist of fun!

4. Bright & Funky Pops of color on the toes need not be relegated to the neons of summer. For fall, temper the fluorescence, but maintain the brightness with shades of vibrant orange, cobalt blue and purple. For an autumn-appropriate color palette, try CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Go-Go Mango, Eternal Oceans or Grapevine. Either match your pedicure to your manicure, or opt for complementary hues on the color wheel. Try purple with yellow or orange with blue.  Funky geometric designs are a great way to incorporate fall colors and patterns together.  Match your mood, the season, or the print of your sweater.

5. Verdant Embrace the shade of the year and go for a crisp, green polish on your digits. For a subtle effect, try a mint like CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Mint Mojito. Constant Caribbean is a good way to remind you of that tropical vacation you took far too long ago. For a deeper green, try Midnight Magic

6. Dark Ombre Ombré patterns have been everywhere as of late. The French word ombré means “shaded,” and in fashion it refers to pretty much anything that starts out one color and then slowly morphs into another. We’ve weathered trends for ombré hair, ombré clothes, ombré fur.  Ombre nails are a fun trend for every season.  To make it fall fresh try using blacks and a grays.

Quick Tip: Running late and your pedi’s chipped? If you’re wearing peep-toe shoes, you need only apply polish to the first three toes and let dry. Skip the rest until you return home!


What’s your pedicure color strategy for fall?

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